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Tips for Protecting Your Property and Renters

Mike Levitin - Thursday, April 16, 2015

A large emphasis on upping the value and desirability for a rental property falls under the category of home improvement. The home improvements that pay off include new bathrooms, kitchens, elaborate sound systems, wine cellars and other various bells and whistles. There is no denying that these types of upgrades will certainly add aesthetic beauty and functional prowess to your rental property. However, there is another home upgrade that many homeowners gloss over or don’t put much stock into: home security. Establishing a safe, up-to-date and fully fleshed out home security plan doesn’t tend to have the glamorous appeal of brand new mahogany and granite counter tops, but the importance of these upgrades can’t be understated. Read More


"I had an estate home to sell within an extremely short time restraint. Mike Levitin stepped right in and got to work immediately. Keeping himself in constant contact via phone, fax and email, Mike took care of myself and the buyers needs in a confident and professional manner. He guided me and motivated me to keep pace with him for a satisfying outcome. There wasn't a lot of money for Mike to make here but he treated me like a million dollar client."
- Steve Butfilowski - New York


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